Now recruiting for a research study on the impact of leg ulcers


The Leg Ulcer charity is performing a research study, asking individuals with leg ulcers or those who care for them, to answer an online questionnaire.

For this study, we are not including paid health care professionals - just those individuals with leg ulcers and the friends, family or volunteers who provide care for them.


The project is interested in your thoughts and feelings regarding leg ulcers and their impact. It is investigating the wellbeing of people with leg ulcers, the wellbeing of their carers and the relationships between them. Your responses to this questionnaire will help us gain a better understanding and influence how people like you are supported in the future.

Participation should take no longer than 20 minutes, and can be completed online, via freepost questionnaire or telephone completion. Participants must be over the age of 18. For more information, and to take part online, please click here

If you would prefer to take part via paper questionnaires (a large print version is available) or telephone completion, please contact the research team using the contact details below:

Pippa Tollow
01483 689 444


This research is being sponsored by The Leg Ulcer Charity, and completed by PhD Student Pippa Tollow. The study has been reviewed and received a favourable opinion from NHS Research Ethics Committee (South Central – Berkshire B), and the University of Surrey Ethics Committee.